Ninja Music

27 Dec

iPod Ninja? Only if this was real

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The 58-inch iPhone Table

27 Dec



Happy New Year

27 Dec

Happy New Year to everyone! In 2011 I promise to blog better and more! Go into the new year with a bang! Everyone stay safe and enjoy life… well, see you all in 2011!

Remember This…

27 Dec

Lyricist Lounge Show


27 Dec

Erwin Wurm Sculptures keeps the brain turning…

Aint No Place Like Home

27 Dec


~Evansville, IN

Talented Children… PS22 Chorus

27 Dec

Just Dance… Lady Gaga

Viva La Vida… Coldplay

FireFlies… Owl City

Ever eat at Melinda’s?

24 Nov

A Wendy’s auditor told me that Wendy’s was named after Dave Thomas’ fourth child Melinda Lou Thomas, but her brothers had a hard time saying her name so they would say Wenda, thus the name Wendy came about.  Small little fact.

Shoutout to the auditor for that information

Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks

13 Nov

Am I the only one who watches music videos on mute sometimes?

Levi’s Concept Store

13 Nov

I really love concept stores, and Levi recently opened a Meatpacking Concept Store in New York. I have not been inside a concept store but I see them all the time online… they are pretty dope! Although, I prefer the 514 Levis!

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